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LPC810 meets RFM69, part 2

In Book on Jan 7, 2015 at 00:01

The code presented last week – or should I say last year? – was unfinished. In fact, it wasn’t even tested, just designed and written in a way which “should” work, eventually…

The thing with communication is that you’ve got two pieces which need to work together, but they are running on different bits of hardware, which makes it harder to see the big picture and reason about what’s going on. Getting to that first data exchange can be tricky.

In this case, we’ve also got an I2C link in there, so there are in fact three systems involved, and in addition, we’re going to need a way to re-program those two LPC810 ┬ÁC’s:

Rpi i2c rf69

Let’s get on with it and figure out how to make this stuff work:

Update – With apologies, I’m going to postpone the following three posts a bit longer. Too many distractions here, keeping me from working on this with proper concentration:

Lots of pesky little details to deal with and quite a few bugs to squash, as you’ll see…

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