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From LPC810 to LPC812

In Book on Mar 25, 2015 at 00:01

No, I haven’t abandoned the Micro Power Snitch!

But some projects are trickier than others, and this one didn’t want to play along when I tried it again on my new PCB design. I fixed one glaring wiring mistake so far, but there’s more going on. Since Mr. Murphy seems to be enjoying himself again, I’m going to let him enjoy his little “victory” for a while and come back to the MPS at a (slightly) later date.

Instead, let’s move up the ladder a little and experiment with another ARM ┬ÁC:

DSC 4977

On the right: four times as much memory (both flash and RAM) and twice as many pins.

As you can see, packaging is everything – and bigger is not always more…

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