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Micro Power Snitch, part 6

In Book on Apr 29, 2015 at 00:01

And you thought the MPS was finished, or perhaps abandoned, eh?

This week resumes the development of a little LPC810-/RFM69-powered setup which runs on parasitic power, harvested from either phase of a current-carrying AC mains wire.

To summarise, the last step in the project I went through a few weeks ago, was to create a PCB for it. Here were some builds, with all the hacks and hooks added to try things out:

DSC 5041

As it turns out, I had made so many mistakes, one after the other, that it really set me back, irritated me to no end, and kept me busy with complete silliness… but all is well again now.

The articles in this week’s “back in business” MPS episode are:

And with a bit of luck, by next week I’ll have figured out how to send out brief RF packets on an ridiculously minimal energy budget. Because that’s what “The Snitch” is all about!

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