Day-to-day JET practicalities Feb 10, 2016

Here’s a “JET” engine, for your amusement:

This week, I’m going to go into the practical aspects of the JET project: for production, i.e. the always-running hub + MQTT server, and for development, i.e. what is needed to work on this software and take it further.

As you’ll see, these end up at two extremes of the spectrum: a tiny setup with minimal dependencies is enough for production, whereas development requires a slew of tools (albeit standard and well-supported), and a hefty machine if you want a snappy development cycle.

But first, I’ll revisit the redesigned JET data store, and its new - improved! - API:

All these aspects are still evolving and in flux, but hey… ya’ gotta start somewhere!

Latest hub v4.0-66 builds now on GitHub.

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