Let's talk about the 'N' in WSNs Feb 3, 2016

The acronym “WSN” stands for Wireless Sensor Network. Ok sure, we all have one or more wireless sensor nodes, JeeNodes or whatever, and they probably work nicely. But how do we manage them? What about code revisions?

Let’s go into this for a moment. Because the usual approach of: “a sketch, an upload, and off you go” doesn’t really scale well. How do you manage all those nodes, which may be different in functionality, in their hardware, or even just be different models or revisions of the same type?

But first, I’ll start off this week with a note about running the hub in the background:

And just to keep a clear model of the hub’s main role in front of you, here’s the diagram from last week’s configuration guide again:

Latest hub v4.0-45 builds now on GitHub.

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