And so Forth... Mar 23, 2016

This week’s episode will be a short one, as I try to push though some issues and prepare for greater things to come.

First, a little progress report on getting USB going in Mecrisp Forth on the STM32F10x series µCs. This has been evolving nicely, but there are still some important hurdles to overcome - not all USB-related, actually.

The second post is my little attempt to “explain Forth” to someone not familiar with it. How do you read that funky syntax? How do you wrap your mind around what’s going on, especially since it has such a compact and unconventional notation?

Some other related news: there’s now a nice PWM module in the embello repository on GitHub. It shows off the built-in timers and how they can support LED blinking and dimming on up to 16 pins, as well as driving servos with 500-step resolution - all in hardware, i.e. without jitter.

There are also some short PWM docs (I’m looking for the most friction-less way to document this stuff, comments welcome).

Yet more: a snappy ILI9163 128x128 colour LCD driver, a 3 12 digit voltmeter, shown in the image above, and a way to switch the µC between 72 and 8 MHz operation.

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