Where is this going? Mar 16, 2016

The last three weeks have been a deep dive into the programming language Forth on STM32 µCs. Results so far have been very encouraging, in terms of using Forth for programming ARM µCs in general.

But what about JET, HouseMon, wireless nodes, ultra low-power, and all that jazz?

Well, I think there’s a very interesting opportunity here to bring several of these technologies together in the world of Physical Computing, and home monitoring & automation. But it’s going to take some time and effort (and focus!) to get there.

Let me reflect a bit on what has been accomplished in these past three weeks, some of the challenges lying ahead, and how everything could be brought together in the JET project:

As I see it, Forth has earned a new place in my tool chest. Re-born from a world when computers were limited, slow, and very clunky, with a new life on tiny little µC-based boards like these:

From left to right, that’s a Base Board, an Olimexino-STM32, a Yellow Blue board, and the RF Node Watcher. The shields have RFM69 (868 MHz) and RFM73 (2.4 GHz) radios, respectively.

All ready for some soldering and tinkering!

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