Analog Explorations Apr 6, 2016

There are many projects going on in parallel here at JeeLabs at the moment. One reason is that I’m simply always chasing new butterflies… ehm, I mean areas of technology. Another one is that sometimes I get stuck, and decide to put things away for another time (this works remarkably well), and yet another is that there are some directions I’d really like to explore more deeply, but which are going to be such a large topic, that I just need to find a suitable “way in”, to see where it leads to and figure out how to structure the stories.

This week’s topic falls in that last category: getting serious about analog measurements and circuitry, beyond just reading out 0 to +3.3V values with an ADC. This week is about measuring voltages, large and small, postive and negative. There’s a lot more to explore, such as current measurements and the (complex) area of alternating current (AC), but that’ll just have to wait…

Get ready for some basic electronics info this week, ranging from voltage dividers to op-amps and input impedances:

As always, one article per day this week, gradually easing you into some essential electronics concepts - because it’s time to start looking beyond Ohm’s law!

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