Scandinavia by rail Jul 13, 2016

It will not have been obvious from this weblog, since new posts are now automatically published each Wednesday at midnight, but these past few weeks I’ve been on vacation, travelling across Germany, Denmark, Sweden, and Norway - by train, via the same Interrail arrangement I used at the age of 16, eons ago…

Some amazing experiences - from a train-on-the-ferry (!) between Hamburg and Copenhagen, to beautiful single-track trips across mountains, forests, rivers, and lakes (no fjords, we weren’t that close to the sea).

And what to think of an entire train carriage dedicated to families with young kids, with a completely padded play area?

Not visible here, is a large area at the other end with lots of baby buggies…

Slightly more on-topic perhaps, was this wall with the Fibonacci series above a café, for no apparent reason - maybe the building constructor was a mathematician?

That last Fibonacci number is also a prime (thanks to Martyn for pointing this out).

Here is Chalmers university in Göteborg, home of embedded software gems such as the uIP TCP/IP stack and the Contiki RTOS:

Midsummer in Sweden on June 24th was very nice, and so were the half dozen train trips, with lots of views like this:

Credit for all these photographs go to my beloved Liesbeth, who has in fact created a wonderful visual diary of our entire voyage.

Apart from that, lots of city strolls, great meals, and my favourite pastime: reading tons of books, including Eating Animals, Digitale Demenz, Countdown to Zero Day.

Meanwhile, seeing the Brexit meltdown unfold from afar felt totally surreal…

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