2.4 GHz with a JeeNode Zero May 24, 2017

The JeeNode Zero has always had two footprints for radio modules on its PCB. Apart from an RFM69 (or RFM12), you can also mount an RFM70, 73, or 75 on there:

(this is the older “v1”, the new “v4” is blue)

RFM7x offers a new trade-off (lower range, higher speed) and uses the 2.4 GHz band: “around and between” the WiFi channels.

In recent days, I’ve been able to get a first preliminary “RF73” driver going, so that’s what this week’s episode will be about:

As usual, articles are published on separate days. So don’t be surprised to see a “404” when you click on the 2nd link too soon…

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