JET today - there's a lot to do! Aug 30, 2017

Sooo… with all this talk about Unicorns and Ambitions, it’s now time to walk the walk.

I’m focusing my efforts on 3 repositories:

If I had to make a truly honest assessment today of where the JET project stands, then I’d put my estimate at “10% completed” and characterise it as “still unproven ideas”.

This leaves a mere 90% left to go - which is most likely several man-years of work :)

That’s quite a cathedral, eh?

Having said that, I invite and welcome you to participate in this project. It’s unlicensed code, meaning that I am placing everything I create in the public domain. Anyone can use it in any way they like (including selling it or slappping a restrictive license on top). For me, this isn’t about money or control, but about making The System That Rocks!

As Wikipedia says, GitHub is now 10 years old and has become the de-facto source of everything shareable in the world of OSS. Anyone can download the code, see all its revisions, and submit / discuss any issues.

But above all, GitHub adds pull requests as a way to contribute additions and changes. Everything is under version control, which means that everything added can clearly be traced back to its author(s). This is sharing with full attribution, recorded for eternity.

There is no ownership (including for me!), there’s only code and the complete revision history to see who wrote what and when.

If you like the direction of the JET project and want to see it get there faster, then it’s ready for you to join. The “big” architecture is starting to settle down, as shown in this still-accurate diagram from May 2017:

Sooo - pick your poison language, choose an aspect you’d like to work on, and as long as it fits into the above design, I’ll be happy to integrate your work into JET - seriously!

One way to proceed is to fork one or more of the above repositories, which creates your own personal copy, and then tinker and add/change whatever you like. If it leads nowhere, so be it. To share (some of) your changes, just wrap it as a pull request.

For fallback, there is a mirror of these repositories at - they are automatically updated a few times a day.

For further discussion, there is the JeeLabs forum. For problem reports and focused technical questions, there are three Github issue trackers: JET, Folie, and Embello.

I’m really interested to find out where all this will lead to. And of course you’re also welcome to just sit back, relax, and enjoy the future weblog posts about this stuff …

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