Bridging MQTT to a µC Sep 20, 2017

As part of the bigger JET story, I need to tie microcontroller nodes into MQTT, with the data flowing in both directions:

As shown above, the idea is to use Folie for this, but that’s still a way off and I don’t want to mess with it right now. So instead, I decided to create a little stand-alone bridge to perform this task and connect it to this:

It’s a simple Go application with no more than a few dozen lines of code. It subscribes to the MQTT topic “bridge/out”, sends each message it gets out to the serial port (with a newline added), listens for lines coming from the serial port, and publishes each one with MQTT topic “bridge/in”.

There’s nothing Forth-specific in this code, although it is definitely meant to be used with a µC running Mecrisp Forth. At this stage, all the messages between MQTT and µC will be plain text and line-oriented.

Everything in this bridge is configurable:

$ bridge -h
Usage of bridge:
-m string
        MQTT broker (default "tcp://")
-p string
        serial port (default "/dev/cu.usbmodem322F2211")
-q  quiet mode, don't show in/out messages
-t string
        MQTT topic template (default "bridge/%")

For convenience during development, the bridge will also read lines from stdin and send them out to the attached µC:

$ bridge
1 2 + .
< 1 2 + . 3  ok.

The bridge exits when stdin is closed.

No echo filtering, no throttling, no checks, but this is sufficient to control a µC via MQTT and pick up its responses:

There’s no support for sending multi-line commands with multiple word definitions to Mecrisp, but it should be good enough to let me move on to the next step: connecting a browser to a µC via MQTT - onwards!

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