Winding down, switching gears Feb 7, 2018

Let me get right to the point: the scheduled daily weekly posts on this JeeLabs weblog are coming to an end. I’m going to move away-and-onwards from the “blogosphere”.

There are several reasons for this decision. A central one is my desire to spend (even) more time reading and tinkering, but also less time talking and writing. The web has become an amazing (infinite!) knowledge resource. Call me crazy, but I still want to learn more - just for the sake of learning!

My plan is to wander off and try to get into discovery- and tinkering-mode when I can, without considering what-to-write-about.

This weblog was started in 2008, and all of it is still online and browsable through the Archive link at the top of the page. Being 100% static, it’s trivial to keep this website up, so please continue to look around and enjoy all the content from the past decade.

Let me end with my all-time favourite quote from the late Steve Jobs:

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

Which I interpret as: hungry for knowledge and foolish enough to remain true to myself.



To rephrase a bit: you won’t hear from me again on a regular basis, just an occasional shriek when I come across delightful stuff.

Such as this circuit made from six simple components, behaving in a “chaotic” way:

Isn’t that amazing? It’s from decades ago … I’ve done some research on this. No, it’s not a weblog post. No more of that. Onwards!

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