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JeeLib for Arduino IDE

JeeLib is an open source library on GitHub. It has evolved alongside the different classic JeeNodes over the years. JeeLib is an add-on library for the Arduino IDE.

The main components of JeeLib are:

  • a Ports class, for easy access to the ports on a JeeNode
  • a PortsI2C class for bit-banged I2C bus support on arbitrary I/O pins
  • an RF12 driver (in various configurations) for the wireless RFM12B modules
  • an RF69 driver (in various configurations) for the wireless RFM69CW modules
  • a Sleepy class for ultra low-power sleeping of ATmega and ATtiny µC’s
  • custom drivers for a variety of add-on JeePlugs

The examples in JeeLib are split into a number of areas:

There is an elaborate (but somewhat ageing) documentation area for most of the code in JeeLib, including many examples.