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Other libraries

Here are a few of the other open source libraries created by JeeLabs.


The code below is not JeeNode-specific, it can also be used with other Arduino’ish boards.


The EtherCard library (now maintained by Nicholas Humfrey) can be used to send and receive Ethernet packets via an Ether Card board, or any other expansion board with an ENC28J60 chip. It’s based on an initial implementation by Guido Socher and Pascal Stang, but has since evolved considerably.


The RTC library can be used to connect to a variety of I2C-based Real Time Clock chips. It includes to ability to set the RTC from the last-compiled date, which makes it easy to get the clock running at the (aproximately) correct time.


The GLCD library contains a driver for ST7656-based Graphics LCD screens, such as the Graphics Board for JeeNodes. This code was derived from the ST7565 library by AdaFruit.

GLCDlib includes a large set of monospaced and proportional fonts, as well as some optimisations to improve refresh rates when only parts of the display change.


The IDE-hardware repository is not so much a library, but an add-on for version 1.5 of the Arduino IDE to support the ATtiny84 found on the JeeNode Micro.

This code was adapted from the arduino-tiny project, but has not kept up with changes in the way the Arduino IDE now handles hardware platform differences.