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This is a list of “older stuff” I’ve worked on over the years, in reverse chronological order:

  • The JeeLabs forum and wiki are still at the Internet Archive with lots of information. An older forum (, 2011 to 2012) used Drupal, and before that ( it was BBPress. So much for long-term maintenance, I guess.

  • The Tcl’ers Wiki used to be a place where I spent of lot of my waking hours, but we’ve both moved on since then. This was an early Wiki based on Tcl + Metakit.

  • The (archived) website was started in the 1990’s with projects I worked on quite a long time ago, including Metakit, Tclkit, Critcl, Wikit, Vlerq, and CatFish (now in my personal git repo’s). There is even an ancient weblog plus musings.

  • Many many decades ago, my company used to be called Meta 4 Software and I set up a website called The SAX, as a clearinghouse for “shareware authors”.

  • Before that, there was no internet, only text-based email - hard to imagine, eh?

Only my public & non-commercial projects have been listed above.

It looks like (at least on internet) nothing ever goes fully away …