Side-stepping the 0.06" mistake Jan 2016

As mentioned before, the one thing standing between an Arduino and convenient protoyping, is that horrid 0.06” mis-alignment of one of its headers.

No longer - meet this almost-too-trivial-for-an-article “Bridge Fifity-Fifty” (BFF) adapter:

Bridge, because that’s all it does - and Fifty Fifty, because that is its size in millimeters.

This is a simple pass-through board to convert in either direction between the Arduino shield header layout, and a layout suitable for numerous prototyping boards with a “sea of holes” on a 0.1” grid, such as the one show above, which is 5 x 7 cm with 18 x 24 solderable / through-hole / copper-clad pads on it.

The BFF can be used either between an Arduino Uno (or compatible, such as STM’s Nucleo boards) and a prototype board, or the HyTiny Base Board from the previous article with any 3.3V-capable Arduino Shield.

With care, a BFF could even be soldered directly to a 5x7 proto board, for a very low profile.

Or you could make your own µC board, perhaps a one-off design, put some headers on it using the standard 0.1” grid, and use this BFF board to allow placing an Arduino shield on top.

The EAGLE design files can be downloaded via this link to the “Embello” repository on GitHub.

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