JET, as seen from 9,144 meters Jan 2016

The JET project name is an acronyn for “JeeLabs Embello Toolkit”. And with that out of the way, please forget it again and never look back. A few more acronyms will be explained when the subsystems are introduced - none of them particularly fancy or catchy - it’s just because we can’t move forward without naming stuff. Names and terms will be introduced in bold.

As will become clear, this is a long-term project, but not necessarily a big one: this is not about creating a huge system. It’s more about making it last…

This has implications for the choices made, but even more for the choices left out, i.e. the options being kept open for future extension.

First off: JET is neither about picking a single favourite language or tool and imposing it on everything, nor about limiting the platform on which it can be used. Any such choices made today would look stale a few years from now.

But evidently we do need to pick something to work with. These choices will be made based on requirements as well as current availability and stability. With luck, we can avoid having to combine a dozen different languages & tools. But choices made for one part of the system won’t impose restrictions on the rest. How this is possible will become clear in the upcoming articles.

So what is JET?

Some technical design requirements which will greatly affect the choices made:

Here are a few more requirements, some of which are perhaps less conventional:

One could almost compare this to designing for a car or a comms exchange…

Or to put it in a somewhat different perspective: JET is for real use on Earth, by real humans, but its core has to be written as if it will run on Mars, in a very unforgiving environment!

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