The JNZ rev4 PCBs are in! Feb 2017

The PCB panels are in! They are produced by PCBcart, and arranged as 10 x 3 units:

With a nice blue soldermask + gold plating, just like all the other official boards from JeeLabs.

And here’s a close-up of the metal stencil, which will be used to apply solder paste:

A first test has been successful, but further testing will be needed to make sure that everything works as intended: all the pins properly connected, no shorts, correct silkscreen labels, etc.

This is what the top looks like with the optional coin cell holder and UFL antenna connector:

If everything goes according to plan, the JeeNode Zero rev4 will be ready one week from now. The boards will be available and shipped from Digital Smarties UK.

All documentation and design files for the JNZ can be found on the new documentation site.

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