JeeLabs Docs

This is a companion site for the JeeLabs Weblog (see the about page):

  • JeeNode & JeeLib
    A low-power Arduino’ish board with wireless, plus an elaborate library with examples
  • JeeNode Zero
    An ultra low-power STM32 µC with on-board RF module for wireless sensor nodes
  • Forth Live Explorer
    Folie is a command-line utility to talk to a µC via a (local or remote) serial port
  • JeeLabs Embello Toolkit
    JET is a dataflow framework and server for multi-node embedded systems
  • The Fabric of Computing
    TFoC is about the essence of computing, from FPGA to very high-level languages
  • Projects
    Various projects, some made with the hardware and software documented on this site
  • Other weblog posts
    Some weblog highlights with ideas, tips, and reference material

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