The pages on this site are generated from the jeelabs/docs repository on GitHub. The format is Markdown with some additional “shortcodes", such as the “Tip” at the end of this page.

If you have commit access

The “Edit this page” link (top right) opens GitHub's online text editor. Changes made this way will automatically update the site via a webhook - it's great for fixing typos, small changes, etc.

If you don't have commit access

The “Edit this page” link leads to a page where you can “fork” the docs repository and edit your copy. Please create a “pull request” to get your changes incorporated into this site.

If you expect to make more changes, you can also add a new issue on GitHub with your plans and a request for direct edit/commit access as contributor.

More substantial changes

For larger changes, it's much more convenient to use Hugo's live preview server mode, which shows the effect of each change as soon as it is saved to file. The basic steps to do this are:

  1. download Hugo (it runs on just about any platform)
  2. clone the jeelabs/docs repository
  3. install the DocDock theme inside it
  4. launch Hugo in server mode: hugo server
  5. open http://localhost:1313 in your browser
  6. extend and modify the documentation …
  7. every time you save, the browser will update

A convenient setup is to keep your editor and browser open, side-by-side.