Various projects, some made with the hardware and software documented on this site

    Peer-to-peer backups

    How to set up encrypted, de-duplicated backups with Duplicacy and a Raspberry Pi.

    Simple Semi Stuff

    Interesting circuits based on a single semiconductor.

    Power supplies

    Electronic circuits need power. The simplest power supplies are batteries, and 5V USB power banks or adapters.

    Chaotic circuit

    Some electronic circuits can oscillate in a “chaotic” way.

    SMA Solar

    Read out an SMA 5000TL solar inverter via Bluetooth

    EZ Retro

    Z80 & CP/M retro-computing with an EZ80 plus STM32F103

    PDP-8 builds

    Re-implementing the venerable PDP minicomputers with modern hardware

    FPGA Stuff

    All sorts of experiments with FPGAs on a range of low-cost boards

    Micro Power Snitch

    Periodically send a wireless data packet using energy harvested from a Current Transformer