2. Software

Software packages, libraries, and installation

    Black Magic Probe

    The Black Magic Probe (BMP) is a great debugging tool for ARM Cortex µCs. This is a description of how to create one using a low-cost “Blue Pill” board.

    Forth Live Explorer

    Folie is a command-line utility to talk to a Forth µC via a serial port or telnet link


    JeeLib is an open source library on GitHub. It has evolved alongside the different classic JeeNodes over the years. JeeLib is an add-on library for the Arduino IDE.

    JeeNode Zero

    An ultra low-power STM32 µC with on-board RF module for wireless sensor nodes

    Other libraries

    Here are a few of the other open source libraries created by JeeLabs.

    Peer-to-peer backups

    How to set up encrypted, de-duplicated backups with Duplicacy and a Raspberry Pi.