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This is a daily weblog about my experiments based on the mix of electronics and computing called “Physical Computing”. I’m building little “sensor nodes” to measure electricity use, temperature, light, etc. which they transmit wirelessly to one of the central computers in the house. One goal is to better understand how we’re using electricity and how we’re heating the home, so that we can try to improve on it. We’ve achieved a roughly 15% reduction in the past few years, simply by paying a bit more attention to everything. There’s still a lot to do, particularly with gas consumption, as our house is fully open and very hard to heat locally.

There is used to be one new post every day at midnight. Day in, day out, except during the summer break. Most posts are categorized and tagged – see the links at the bottom of these weblog pages. For your convenience, there’s also an alphabetical and a chronological index of weblog posts, which I update from time to time.

Update – as of November 2014, I’m pleased to announce that the weblog has been resumed, but with a slightly different setup and frequency. See this post for details.

Update #2 – I'm no longer updating this weblog on a regular basis. Check the Archive page for access to all the posts since 2008. This is a static website, it will stay around.

There are four other websites associated with this weblog:

  • the Documentation site has the latest information related to JeeLabs projects
  • the CafĂ© is a wiki for some older documentation and reference material
  • the Forum area is an open discussion forum to ask, discuss, and exchange ideas
  • this Shop offers some of my projects, for those interested in kits or ready-made stuff

If you are interested in electronics and/or computing, then maybe some posts on this weblog will encourage you to go out and explore the fascinating world of physical computing. There are about 1700 posts and articles. Yes, it’s that much fun!

Explore! Tinker! Create! Learn! Invent! What better way is there to shape our future than to be part of it!

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