Interface library for the ST7565-based 128x64 Graphics Board LCD (LGPL).
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GLCDlib is a graphics library for 128x64 displays based on the ST7565.

For a first reference to this library, see this JeeLabs weblog post.

Derived from code in the ST7565 library by Adafruit, hence under LGPL license.

With thanks for a number of improvements contributed by Steve Evans.

The latest source code for this project is maintained on GitHub.

You can download all the project source files in ZIP or TAR format:

  • Unpack the archive and rename the resulting folder to "GLCDlib".
  • Move it to the "libraries" folder in your Arduino sketches area.
  • Restart the Arduino IDE to make sure it sees the new files.

The wiki for this library is at

The API documentation is generated by Doxygen and can be found here.

For questions and reporting bugs, check out the JeeLabs forums.