An easy interface to the port headers, the RF12 driver library, timers, low-power code, and more.
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o-examplesContains all example sketches, this is automatically scanned by the IDE
|o+PortsAll example sketches related to the Port class and plugs using it
|o+RF12All example sketches related to the RF12.h wireless driver
o*JeeLib.hTrivial wrapper around the Ports.h and RF12.h header files
o*Ports.cppPorts library definitions
o*Ports.hPorts library definitions
o*PortsBMP085.hPort library interface to BMP085 sensors connected via I2C
o*PortsLCD.hLiquidCrystal library, extended for use over I2C with the LCD Plug
o*PortsSHT11.hPort library interface to SHT11 sensors connected via "something like I2C"
o*RF12.cppRFM12B driver implementation
o*RF12.hRFM12B driver definitions
o*RF12sio.hStreaming I/O layer on top of the RF12.h driver