An easy interface to the port headers, the RF12 driver library, timers, low-power code, and more.
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RF12 wireless driver

This is a driver for the low-cost "RFM12" and "RFM12B" wireless transceiver modules from HopeRF. These are available for the 433, 868, and 915 MHz frequency bands and support a simple but effective byte packet format for sending and receiving small amounts of "signaling" data.

The driver is written in C and works on ATmega and ATtiny microcontrollers. Others have ported it to other microncontrollers, such as MSP430 and ARM.

The RF12demo sketch can be used as general-purpose send or receive node, this can be useful while wriitng and testing your own code with this driver.

See the RF12.h and RF12.cpp files for the actual source code.


More info coming soon... overview, examples, etc.