Utility code for time and date manipulation and access to RTC clock hardware.
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ElPaso: this clone of RTCLib has initial support for DS1388.

RTClib is a lightweight date and time library for JeeNodes and Arduino's.

Work in progress - see this discussion for some background info.

This library has also been forked at https://github.com/adafruit/RTClib.

The latest source code for this project is maintained on GitHub.

You can download all the project source files in ZIP or TAR format:

  • Unpack the archive and rename the resulting folder to "RTClib".
  • Move it to the "libraries" folder in your Arduino sketches area.
  • Restart the Arduino IDE to make sure it sees the new files.

The wiki for this library is at https://jeelabs.net/projects/cafe/wiki.

The API documentation is generated by Doxygen and can be found here.

For questions and reporting bugs, check out the JeeLabs forums.