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About JeeLabs

This site is maintained by Jean-Claude Wippler. “Jee” stands for JC’s Environmental Electronics. There are no copyrights on this site: it’s in the public domain. Enjoy! \o/

Here is a flashback for your enjoyment: the story below is from somewhere around 2010, I think …

This is the place where I report on my adventures in “Computing Stuff tied to the Physical World”. I’ve started working on some hardware / firmware / software to better get to grips with energy consumption in and around the house. I’d also like to automate things a bit more, but only to the point where such domotics really feels like a genuine improvement. My goal is to reduce the number of gadgets and appliances where possible, not to add yet more non-intuitive technology to my living environment.

I’ve been a self-employed IT consultant for some 20 years now. I have a masters degree in mathematics and computer science and have recently re-discovered my passion for stuff that does stuff – with a meaningful purpose, preferably. When I found out that small MPU chips are now powerful enough to perform fairly complex tasks, can be programmed in plain C / C++, and are amazingly affordable, it was like a dream come true. A lot of things are coming together for me in this new idea space.


I live in Houten, a village near Utrecht in the middle of the Netherlands, together with my wife Liesbeth. Our daughter Myra is now on her own life’s journey, doing fascinating and creative things her way. I enjoy a nice meal (in moderation!) in the company of family and friends and have recently switched from my old classical guitar playing passion to a new one: learning to play the – not just classical – piano, which fascinates me.


(in Houten, bike roads dominate the village and bike crossings have right-of-way over cars)

I’m Dutch, French, and German and feel at home in today’s united, culturally rich, and diverse Europe. I learnt English during two separate year-long visits to the North-American continent, which is a great convenience since it is now the lingua franca of the internet.

It’s 2021 and I am now retired. And yet … there are still not enough hours in a day!

- Jean-Claude Wippler <>

PS. These bits & bytes are brought to you by Material for MkDocs, MkDocs, Python, and Linux.