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JeePlugs have arrived

In Hardware on Jun 30, 2009 at 00:01

Got some JeePlugs in today – yippie!

Here’s how I’ll probably use them most often – with one or two sideways headers:


(These boards were sent off before the big URL rename – such is life…)

Note that both ends and the middle rows are connected in a pairwise fashion. The middle row traces are thin and can easily be cut if necessary.

I used flat headers, soldered in the underside of the plug. That way you can chain them and they’ll hold the plug slightly above the plane for pins sticking out, etc.

Here’s one way to use them on a JeeNode:


The blue is the new green – all boards from JeeLabs will be blue with white markings.

Note the orientation here: in this setup, components are mounted on the outside.

And here’s another way to use the plugs, as mini shields:


The headers are soldered onto the inner rows, leaving the connections to each header pin available from both sides on the outer rows.

There’s nothing JeeNode-specific about these boards, by the way. They have plated through holes, which makes them more convenient for soldering components and wires on either side. And the pairwise pad connections can save a bit on wires.