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Simple plugs

In Hardware on Jul 1, 2009 at 00:01

Here are some basic uses for JeePlugs…

First the v2-to-v3 pinout converter:


It flips the +3V and AIO pins. Here’s the bottom view:


Not pretty, but robust, and it works. Here’s a v2 JeeNode which will allow me to use plugs designed for the new v3 pinout:


The shrink-tube yellow bands are a reminder that these are “crossover” plugs. Better avoid major confusion later, once there are more plugs all over the place…

Here’s a weird one, I’ll call it the “regret plug” because it lets me use JeeNodes with a header orientation I’m now regretting:


It lets you turn a JeeNode with downward facing male pin headers into onto one which has female headers pointing up, or male headers pointing sideways. Like so:


This is an odd contraption, but I’m sure it will come in handy one of these days. Note that there are no wires across the plug. Each side is independent and simply has 3 headers with all the corresponding pins soldered together.

The outer female headers have been soldered on at an angle to allow attaching to it – otherwise the JeeNode board edges would obscure the connector.

Note РApologies for the confusing posting/re-posting today. I knew I had a post ready, but it got back-dated to June 1st, instead of July. Should all be fixed now, but some RSS readers might cache the previous post.