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Memory Plug design

In Hardware on Aug 30, 2009 at 00:01

Got some ideas about storing a bit more data than the JeeNode can handle by itself, so here’s a little plug for EEPROM memory chips:

Picture 4.png

There’s room for up to four chips, i.e. 64 .. 512 Kbyte total. Plenty for a bit of data-logging and for storing compiled sketches / code for remote nodes. Or you could push for new limits with a flash-based O/S :)

This uses an I2C bus: the 6-pin male header on the right plugs into a port and is wired-through to the 6-pin female header on the left, just as with the Expander Plug described a few days ago. The width of this board has been increased so that it can’t be mistaken for a dual-port daughterboard.

Ok, so much for plugs… I need to re-check and finish each one and get a few prototype boards made!

  1. Awesome work! I need to get some time off from work so I can start playing with this stuff!

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