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Memory Plug v1

In AVR, Hardware on Sep 19, 2009 at 00:01

The Memory Plug adds flash memory to a JeeNode:


This particular one has 2 different brands of 512 Kbit chips on it: a AT24C512B by Atmel and a M24512 by STMicroelectronics, for a total of 128 Kbyte. By fully populating it with 1 Mbit chips, this plug can contain a whopping half megabyte of memory :)

Here’s small sketch to test reading and writing to it:

Picture 1.png

A value will be incremented each second. When restarted, the value will continue to increase since the last setting, demonstrating the non-volatile memory. The demo uses I2C address 0x50 to address chip #0 – chip 1 #is at 0x52, chip #2 at 0x54, and chip #3 at 0x56.

This demo is available as the eemem example in the Ports library.

Here’s the plug hooked up to a JeeNode:


This plug supports daisy-chaining of more I2C-type plugs.

So there you have it – a Solid State Disk!