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Optimizing SMD

In Hardware on Oct 6, 2009 at 00:01

I’m trying to simplify some plugs a bit. The UART plug has a 3.6864 MHz crystal and two 18 pF caps:


(yeah, it’s an awkward fit)

Turns out that it works just as well with the 16 MHz + 10 pF combo I’m using in another project – using adjusted baudrate dividers, of course:


(somewhat better fit)

But hey, why stop there. A resonator with built-in caps would get rid of two more components – and it’s more than precise enough to generate accurate baudrates:


(awkward fit again, but who cares since it’s a test)

Cool: the 3.68 MHz resonator works – a 40% reduction in component count! Now I can make a new “release”.

I’m still readjusting my neurons to this hardware world. It sure is different from software – even though bits & bytes could be considered to be infinitely small, this hardware stuff somehow feels tangibly smaller…