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New UART plug

In Hardware on Oct 28, 2009 at 00:01

The revised UART plug now works as expected:


This board has been reworked to use a 3.68 MHz resonator. Two solder jumpers allow using several UARTs on a single I2C bus.

Since the UART chips include 2x 64 bytes of buffering for transmit and receive data, and since they can be set to do hardware and software flow-control, this is quite an effective way to offload work from an ATmega328, once you need more than its single on-chip serial port.

See a previous post for sample code.

Documentation can be found at – the plug code (“up1” – has to be lowercase) at the end of this URL will redirect to the corresponding page in the documentation tree.

The BC1, BP1, EP1, MP1, PB1, and RP1 plugs are now also available. Nothing really exciting to report about them, I’m still waiting for a couple of more interesting ones such as the LCD Plug and the updated Room Board and Thermo Plug.

  1. Work on the LCD plug, please :-) My next buys will be: new JeeLink, e-memory plug, LCD plug, RTC plug…

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