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Hello World – POF 52

In AVR, Hardware, Software on Dec 1, 2009 at 00:01

The first Project On Foam is inevitably a blinking LED:


Not very exciting, but it’ll allow me to go through the steps needed to set up the development environment, the first-time USB hookup, and getting a first sign of life out of a JeeNode in Physical Computer terms…

There is a new section on the Jee Labs wiki which I’m going to use for POFs. For rather obscure reasons, this POF is #52 (new POF numbers always increase).

Note that as Project On Foam, this Hello World example is rather silly – because it doesn’t really need a foam base at all. But bear with me – this step is intended to help people through the first (and sometimes daunting) steps of getting started.

The challenge for me right now is to provide the proper information as concisely as possible. These POFs are being placed on the wiki so they can be updated and improved. There will be a few more people involved in this, which again makes the wiki much more suitable to collect and maintain all the POFs than say this weblog. New POFs will be announced on this weblog, but updates are an ongoing process on the wiki pages themselves.

There have been a lot of experiments and projects at Jee Labs over the past year, in various stages of completion. From hooking up all sorts of sensors to the house-monitoring network currently running here at Jee Labs. It is my intention to redo a number of these as POF, in more detail and with more background information. Other POFs will be completely new, though – the list of fun stuff one can do with Physical Computing is endless!

Other news: since assembly and reflow soldering of the JeeLink and the JeeNode USB has been going a lot better lately, their price has been reduced to €29.50 (incl. VAT and shipping) – see the shop for details.