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Wireless Light Sensor – POF 71

In AVR, Hardware, Software on Dec 8, 2009 at 00:01

After last week’s Hello World POF to get started, here is a new Project On Foam:


A battery-powered wireless light sensor node. This is POF 71, and it’s fully documented on the wiki.

This project goes through setting up the Ports and RF12 libraries, setting up a central JeeNode or JeeLink, and constructing the light sensor node.

It also describes how to keep the node configuration in EEPROM, how to make a sensor node more responsive, and how to get power consumption down for battery use.

The POF includes code examples and uses the easy transmission mechanism, with the final responsive / low-power sketch requiring just a few dozen lines of code, including comments. The sketch compiles to under 5 Kbyte, leaving lots and lots of room to extend it for your own use.

All suggestions welcome. Anyone who wants to participate in these POFs, or in the wiki in general, just send me an email with the user name you’d like to use. I’m only restricting edit access to the wiki to prevent spamming.

  1. This tutorial is just great! Thank you jcw for that. Studying it made several issues clear. It is so well composed and written, just can’t believe how productive you are.

    Really waiting for any future tutorials. Perhaps as a next step a simplified database handling / visualisation of the incoming data. Would buy your book right away, if available… Maybe worth considering that option.

    • Heh – thank you, glad you like it :)

      Database handling and visualization are definitely on my radar. But I want to try out some ideas and get some new infra-structure up before going there, so it will take some time to make it happen.

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