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Meet Roomie

In Hardware on Jan 13, 2010 at 00:01

It may not be the prettiest gadget in the home …


… but I find it mighty convenient. I think I’m going to call it a “Roomie”.

The battery pack shown here is an older green one, the ones currently in the shop are black.

It’s nothing but a JeeNode with a battery pack and a Room Board on top. This example is not optimal, it uses a power hungry ePIR. But you get the idea.

The battery pack is tied to the dedicated connection for it – going through the strain relief holes and around the other side to the solder pads:


And the whole thing is glued together with hot glue:


Nice thing is that this doesn’t restrict the uses of a JeeNode. When switching the battery off, you can hook it up to a USB interface via the FTDI header.

In fact this will even work upside down on a foam board, as used with POFs:


Just think of it as a JeeNode with a power pack sitting on its back :)

  1. How does the thickness of the battery pack compare with the with of the JeeNode board? Would it make sense (and maybe even look a little bit nicer) to glue the JeeNode to the long side of the battery pack?

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