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Carrier Board

In Hardware on Mar 14, 2010 at 00:01

Yesterday’s enclosure has started a new ball rolling…

I’ve decided to support a mix of plugs with room for prototyping. A first mockup:


This will be made possible by a new Carrier Board with tons of different ways to connect to:


Ports 1 and 4 each have four positions for adding plugs. All connected in parallel, so you can hook up more than one if you’re using a bus such as I2C on that port. Note the big dots, identifying the PWR pins for orientation.

Ports 2 and 3 can be plugged in, but their pins are also brought out to a series of 6-pin headers in the bottom right. These 18 pins bring out everything else, including full SPI, hardware I2C, and the serial I/O lines.

Lastly, the SPI/ISP and the PWR/SER/I2C connectors from the JeeNode have been duplicated.

Note that you can also ignore all that plug stuff and just insert your own board into the entire bottom row, using five 6-pin headers. That gives you access to all the pins on a JeeNode. Here’s a board I’m going to try out:


There’s a split down that board, to allowing breaking off and using either side independently. The left side is essentially a dual JeePlug and will fit in all the 2-port positions on the Carrier Board.

These boards will be included in the next round of PCBs. We’re back to the “Patience, grasshopper!” part…