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Dimmer Plug

In Hardware, Software on Mar 20, 2010 at 00:01

Looks like the Dimmer Plug is working as intended – yippie!


I connected a LED with series resistor between the L1 output and PWR (i.e. 5V in this case).

Added a new “DimmerPlug” support class in the Ports library, and a “dimmer_demo” example sketch:

Screen shot 2010-03-18 at 22.42.06.png

The result is a LED which blinks briefly 4 times per second, with increasing intensity. When the maximum intensity has been reached, it restarts from off. Note that the blinking and brightness control is done by the plug – the sketch just keeps feeding it new settings.

There are 16 independent channels, the outputs can be either open-collector or totem-pole, and by adding a MOSFET, transistor, or darlington stage, much larger currents and voltages can be controlled by this plug.

Another fun application would be to connect up to 5 RGB LEDs, for full 24-bit color control of each one of them.

The above code has been added to the Ports library.

  1. Yes! Please let me know when it is available in the shop!

  2. This week – I’ve got about ten boards, and I’ve ordered the chips for them. Hopefully that’s enough until the final boards are made.

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