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Ready to Link!

In Hardware on Mar 23, 2010 at 00:01

Today, a fresh batch of JeeLinks came in:


All ready to go (and, no, you don’t get to pick the antenna color of these units…).

Got several bits and pieces in today, which means I’ve been able to fulfill most of the pending orders – at last!

One other item worth mentioning is that I finally have the black mini-breadboards in stock:


The delay (since last December!) was in the end all due to my own negligence – I had forgotten to fill in a form to supply more details about the contents of the package which was being held at customs. Doh.

Lots of new plugs to finish, several other new items, and yet more boards I’m going to try out. Plus a couple of days reserved for non-JeeLabs activities later this week.

It’s going be be a busy end of March!

  1. They look like little mice with those tails :)

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