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Improved carrier board

In Hardware on Mar 28, 2010 at 00:01

Two weeks ago, I posted a note about a new enclosure and carrier board design to mount a JeeNode inside.

This led to several (virtual) experiments, to figure out how it would work out in different usage scenarios. One of the main problems remaining was that the design was not suited for a JeeNode USB, because the USB connector would have been inside the case – not perfect…

Here’s an improved design, which has been sent off to create a first prototype:

Screen shot 2010-03-27 at 21.23.13.png

The main change is that this allows using either a JeeNode with FTDI connector or a JeeNode USB. This was accomplished by moving the connectors around a bit, which urned out to be fairly tricky due to the huge number of interconnections.

The new trick is that this carrier board can now be used with two different JeeNode orientations. By attaching it one way, the FTDI or USB connector will end up inside the box, while turning it around 180° will put those connectors on the left side, almost sticking out. Just right to access it through a cutout.

Two other improvements over the previous design are that the carrier board includes connectors positioned in such a way that they will accept a Room Board, and the presence of an extra FTDI connector.

As before the bottom row of five 6-pin headers gives access to all signals of the JeeNode. Plugs can be attached in many different ways, supporting lots of combinations, with room for a variety of other components.