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Gravity Plugs

In Hardware on Apr 5, 2010 at 00:01

Ok, some panelized boards and components are starting to trickle in. Here’s the first production batch:


(no, I don’t reflow ’em as a triangle, it just looks pretty this way…)

You’re looking at 15 brand new Gravity Plugs, i.e. 3-axis accelerometers. This is by far the smallest SMD chip ever soldered here at Jee Labs. The pads are too small for a soldering iron, even with a 0.4 mm tip.

Out of a panel of 20, some 18 appear to be working properly, but I did have to wick away some solder (i.e. fix solder bridges) to get several of these units working.

I’ll be adding this and a few other new plugs to the shop in the next few days.

Now, if I only had some time to play with these sensors…