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In Hardware on Apr 11, 2010 at 00:01

The first Carrier Boards and Carrier Cards have come in, as described a few weeks ago on this weblog:

Dsc 1309

The Carrier Board is sort of a chameleon, given all the options it has for connecting stuff together:

Dsc 1329

You’re not supposed to use all those options at the same time, although you could if you really want to:

Dsc 1313

On the back you can plug in either a JeeNode, a JeeNode USB, or a JeeSMD as “processing engine”. Here’s a JeeNode USB:

Dsc 1315

As you can see, the USB connector will fall inside the case when plugged in this way, e.g. when you don’t use it, or to hook up a cable permanently.

Or… you can turn the board around, and make a cutout in the case to access the USB jack from the outside:

Dsc 1316

Wanna see how much you can cram into a box? Here’s a first attempt, with still some room to spare:

Dsc 1323

One more feature worth mentioning, is that there are pads and holes for an SMD-type DC jack. Here’s the jack soldered on, with a JeeSMD plugged in (the “+” end needs to be wired up manually):

Dsc 1325

Lots of options with all this. Great, now I can start working out some projects which need an enclosure.

There is one issue with the Carrier Board, alas … It turns out that the RX/TX pins on the FTDI connector (top right, first picture) were accidentally reversed. So this board doesn’t work with a USB-BUB out of the box.

That’s ok, though. I only had five of these prototypes made – just enough to try them out. Will fix it before ordering more boards for the shop.

It’ll take some time, but it’ll all work out nicely in the end, I expect.

  1. Great news, will it come with enclosure? What is expected price?

    Keep those enclosures coming to the shop! :)

    • Yes, the Carrier Board + enclosure will be made available, sometime next month. And the Carrier Card too (the prototype board). Haven’t figured out the price yet – but these plastic shells take a lot of room and may not fit in an envelope, leading to (much) higher shipping costs. I’m going to test just how many will fit in a max-sized paper envelope.

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