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Meet the Carrier Board

In Hardware on May 21, 2010 at 00:01

Finally, all the pieces have arrived to be able to announce the Carrier Board !

Dsc 1434

It fits into a plastic box of about 70 x 125 x 30 mm, made of two identical ABS shells which click together:

Dsc 1310

The JeeNode, JeeNode USB, and JeeSMD can all be used, they are “carried” by this board, so to speak:

Dsc 1311

Tons of ways to hook up plugs to this thing. There’s a diagram with all the pinouts (PDF).

Here’s a version which has all headers soldered in – not very useful, but I had to test everything anyway:

Dsc 1315

Note that only the port headers use male pins on the Carrier Board (towards the JeeNode, that is). The PWR/SER/I2C and the SPI/ISP headers both use pins with the opposite orientation. This was done because the ISP header is more useful as pins on the JeeNode, and to avoid confusing the PWR/SER/I2C header with ports, since both types use 6 pins.

More related news tomorrow…

  1. Hi JC,

    Just wondering how the CNC mill and 3D printer are doing?



  2. Hi – well, they’ve both been on the back burner for a while now. The CNC is waiting to get a spot in the garage, so I can hook up the Dremel and start making noise & dust. JeeCake has a clogged head, and is patiently waiting for a replacement head – which I’ve had here for some time, but haven’t mounted yet.

    Busy, busy, busy – and shifting priorities…

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