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In Hardware on Aug 25, 2010 at 00:01

I’m always looking for new ways to fit stuff together. JeeStuff ain’t no Lego, but that sure won’t stop me from trying to make it as modular as possible…

Here’s an idea:

Dsc 1842

I just used a pair of Proto Boards and inserted a bunch of plugs into them. Just to see what it would lead to, not as “the” actual design.

Would probably have to invent another type of “backplane” for this approach, but what surprised me was how sturdy the resulting object was.

Would probably need to have 15 to 25 possible slots to place headers in (perhaps even allow soldering the plugs in for good?). And some way to select which AIO and DIO pins go to which port. With I2C, they could be connected in parallel, with dedicated plugs you’d have to reserve a port for them of course.

The reason this could work is that everything in the JeeFamily has the same 21.1 mm width. That was quite deliberate, although I didn’t have this particular path in mind at the time.

Hmm… mounting? Power options? Ethernet? Breadboard area?

Just doodling… ideas are cheap – and plentiful, here at Jee Labs!

  1. hmm perhaps is Lego Mindstorms a possible platform to integrate. It is expensive but it looks great. As an example one of the sensors (don’t know the legal implications, could be impossible)

  2. Interesting. I think these sensors use I2C – might be fairly easy to hook up to JeeStuff…

  3. How many boards can the onboard regulator support?

    • The regulator will supply up to 250 mA, if the input voltage is not too high (i.e. 5V’ish).

  4. What’s that in JeeBoards? Are you setting a challenge to see who is the the first person who manages to overload the reg? :o)

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