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Save data to a logfile with JeeMon

In Software on Oct 1, 2010 at 00:01

I’ve added a little demo application called “SaveToFile” to JeeMon which saves data from an attached JeeNode or JeeLink to file, complete with timestamps.

When started, you’ll need to specify which device you want to log (unless there is only one):

Screen Shot 2010 09 30 at 21.01.18

Click on one of the lines, and you’ll get this dialog on Mac OS X (Windows and Linux look a little different):

Screen Shot 2010 09 30 at 21.01.31

Once you click “Save”, the main window changes to show the last received line:

Screen Shot 2010 09 30 at 21.02.07

Here’s the contents of the log file at this point:

Screen Shot 2010 09 30 at 21.02.55

You can just leave it running to collect more data.

The following code implements all this and shows a bit of Tcl and Tk scripting in action:

Screen Shot 2010 09 30 at 21.22.40

This code is now included in the JeeMon on-line demos, so all you need to do is get JeeMon, launch it, and then click on “Run web-based demo”:

Screen Shot 2010 09 30 at 21.04.34

(make sure you don’t have a file called “application.tcl” next to JeeMon)

A window will open, just select the “SaveToFile” link, and it’ll be downloaded to the “JeeMon-demos” folder and then launched.

To run this code from the downloaded copy, launch JeeMon as:

    ./JeeMon JeeMon-demos/

To view the code, unpack that ZIP file and you’ll get what is shown above. You can adapt it to your needs, of course. It’s all open source software!