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In Hardware on Oct 7, 2010 at 00:01

I know I’ve sometimes “under-packaged” things…

But this is sort of the other extreme. A package with 80+ PCB relays from Conrad came in the following box:

Dsc 2009

That’s a 50 x 40 x 30 cm box, i.e. 60 liters of (mostly air).

The payload was this, which is admittedly a bit awkward in size:

Dsc 2010

And this is how I’m storing it at Jee Labs, until the plug PCB’s come in:

Dsc 2011

That’s a 11 x 7 x 5 cm box (they barely fit), or 0.385 liter.

A 155-fold reduction in size. Pfff…

  1. Conrad always does this.. such a waste.. Nice you noticed the same thing :-)

  2. Sorry, I can beat this… I received a single Zener diode the other week (it was an out of stock from an earlier order) which was sent via UPS in a box that was 30cm x 20 x 15!

    I received my order this week (far more bits) in the same size box, I think it’s the smallest they have at Farnell!

  3. Ah, yes… That’s the box twice the size of mine, although the flux pen is somewhat larger than my zener… :-p

    I think we’re both amateurs compared to these though…

  4. Better a big box than a bare mail-envelope with the components floating inside made flat by the post machines… :-\

    • If you’ve received anything damaged, please let me know and I’ll replace it. I’m looking for the “just enough” sweet spot of packaging, but I suspect I’m not quite there yet…

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