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3D printing again

In Hardware on Oct 23, 2010 at 00:01

Finally found some time to fix the clogged extruder Mk4 I had on the CupCake. A new heater + extrusion head did the trick. Well, almost… watch the leaked blob of ABS on top of the extruder heat barrier:

Dsc 2138

As a result, the first part I printed did not contain enough material, and ended up too fragile for actual use. That’s part of a micro-lathe I’m printing for someone else, btw.

So I disassembled the extruder again, and replaced the PTFE rod with a new black one:

Dsc 2141

Yippie, now it’s working again. I’ve also upgraded to a heated build platform, which works great – no warping and the parts come off real easy, with raft and all:

Dsc 2148

Here’s a component from the Wade extruder which I’ll need for the Mendel:

Dsc 2151

Alas, not all is well yet. This was supposed to be the other half of that gearwheel pair:

Dsc 2150

Hmm, looks more like a cupcake to me…

The other nasty problem is that the main body of the Wade extruder I’m trying to build is too large for the CupCake. I can’t print it! Now I’ll either have to buy a complete extruder for the Mendel or find some other extruder which works with it. So as far as the next-generation “Mendel” is concerned, I still need to assemble the electronics and find some good extruder for it. Drat, it’s always those last 20% that bite…