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Better panels

In Hardware on Nov 6, 2010 at 00:01

While we’re on the subject of PCB panels…

All new plug panels are now made with a mix of V-scoring and routed slots:

Dsc 2194

The vertical lines are “V-scores” – small sharp cuts on both sides of the boards which makes it easy to break off the board at that point. Adds a few strips of waste, but the result is much cleaner.

The reason for this is that the sides come out better (and much more accurate) when routed, but you don’t want to route all four sides, because then you have to leave little break-off tabs to hold the boards. The problem is that these tend to break off with a very rough edge, requiring extra cutting or sanding to clean up.


  1. hey yeah, that’s what we’ve found works best too :)

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